Tracing Echoes


The haunting 19th Century portraits of young women and girls by Julia Margaret Cameron are the inspiration for this book, which sets out to trace the descendants of these sitters. Tracing Echoes takes the reader on a journey through genealogy, time and place. Full colour illustrations include contemporary photographs of Dimbola Lodge, Cameron’s home on the Isle of Wight where many of her greatest works were made. Fine portraits by Julia Margaret Cameron, from museums and private collections worldwide, are beautifully reproduced. Contemporary photographs of the original sitters’ descendants accompany selected Cameron images. Tracing Echoes brings together photography, art history, and genealogical research to uncover some missing histories – the living genealogy, the descendants of local women and children that appear in Cameron’s work.

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Tracing Echoes in Tall Tales National Touring Show, 2016

Tracing Echoes, 2001

A 72 page publication
51 illustrations, full colour
25 cm wide x 30 cm height
ISBN 1 900687135

Wild Pansy Press, Leeds 2001

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