The Decorators


Part of Art Walk Project’s Land Mark programme, this residency was based on the former site of the Buchan & Co Thistle potteries in Portobello, Edinburgh. It focused on a group of women who worked as decorators for the potteries in the late 1960s. Mostly in their teens, the women painted thistles, among other motifs, in workshops near the present-day site of the kilns. Each decorator had her own mark that she would put on the bottom of any pottery she decorated. In 1972, Buchan & Co closed the Portobello site and moved to Crieff. Some of the women ceased to be decorators at around this point, either through redundancy or moving onto to married life. The kilns are now the only physical traces of the pottery on the site: the history and work of the decorators is not visible.

Consequently ‘The Decorators’ attempted to make visible this social and gendered history through the final artworks on location. By paying attention to voice, photograph, painted pot and the mark on its base, the residency produced a series of events and site-specific artworks that conveyed the significance of stories of the decorators, and how in their own subtle way, they continue to leave their mark on the Portobello landscape.

The Decorators

Outdoor photo-banner, 453cm (W), 242.5cm (H) door area 269.5 (H), Bridge Street
Production: Eastern Exhibition & Display

Outdoor Poster, 246cm (H) 178cm (W), Bridge Street
Production: Eastern Exhibition & Display. Artwork by Rosy Naylor

Outdoor mesh wraparound banner around Kiln 1906, 386 metres.
Production: Printvision. Artwork by Rosy Naylor

Sound work: three voices, three portable bluetooth speakers installed inside Kiln 1909

A book is planned for Art Walk Porty with support from Portobello Heritage Trust

The Decorators: Inside the Kiln with the voice of Mairi Fortuna from Nicky Bird on Vimeo.

The Decorators: Interview extracts, 2019

Mairi Fortuna, Decorator from 1967-1971, 12 minutes, 36 seconds
“…at the time I didn’t know, when I left the Pottery, that no other job would ever be the same…”

Irene Macintosh, Decorator from 1968-1972, 13 minutes, 18 seconds
“…now, if I close my eyes I can still do it. So, I’ve never forgotten how to actually paint the thistles on the pots…”

Barbara Naughton, Decorator from 1966-1968 and 1969-1972, 13 minutes, 50 seconds
“I do remember, I did work very fast. I was a minimalist, really! So, the least amount of brush work, and so on, the better.”

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The Decorators: Voice of Irene Macintosh & walk around a wraparound banner from Nicky Bird on Vimeo.

TOP IMAGE: The Decorators, Nicky Bird with Mairi Fortuna, late 1960s/2020