Haunting Houses


Lotherton Hall – former stately home of the Gascoigne family in Yorkshire – is the key site for this collaborative project between three artists and a writer. Haunting Houses invites a second look at the house and its collection; for while one history is on display, there are some ghostly others. So at first glance, a photograph of an unidentified wedding party may appear to be a vaguely interesting social document of its time, nothing more. Yet a closer look reveals two uninvited guests standing inside the house. Perhaps two house servants sneakily getting in on someone’s else act, and however incidentally, now into History? This was the inspiration of the video Member of the Wedding (1998), and Detecting Ghosts (1998) two of seven artworks made in response to Lotherton Hall. Artists: Nicky Bird, Joanne Morris, Lynn Turner. Writer: Elsa Chen.

Member of the Wedding

A clip is featured below: click on Member of the Wedding

A foldout booklet
11 illustrations, full colour
30 cm wide x 10 cm height
ISBN 1 900687062

Wild Pansy Press, Leeds 1998

Thanks to Adam White and Leeds City Council